Why Millennials Are Obsessed With The Dad Hat Trend

Nailing the dad hat trend is contingent upon one key thing: not being cool. The whole look says, “I don’t care, I’m just wearing a hat I found on the top shelf of my dad’s closet”, and putting absolutely no effort into styling it.

Millennials are obsessed with the dad hat trend because it’s way cooler to not be precious and concerned with your image. It’s why part of Gigi Hadid‘s cool-girl vibe comes down to a New York Yankees hat, unbrushed hair and #allblackeverything.



The dad hat trend situation is funny because, traditional dad brands want to find out how to appeal to Millennial consumers so they can stay in business and, little do they know, they already are and don’t really need to change. Tilley is actually a great example of a dad brand that is working on change with marketing strategy when they may not need to.



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